Conference Presentations

2016 - de Finney, S., Kouri, S., Land, N., Brockett, S., Anderson-Nathe,B. ‘All in: Ethics of care in settler societies’. Together towards a better world for children, adolescents and families, Vienna, Austria.

2016 - Coon, E., Smith, J., Kouri, S., & Land,N. 'Responding to contemporary settler colonialism with affect: Cultural exchange and appropriation’. Dignity 2016, Duncan, BC.

2016 - Kouri, S. 'Acknowledging Indigenous peoples and lands: One settler's perspective'. Teaching Assistant Conference, University of Victoria.

2015 - Kouri, S. ‘Thinking Indigenous sovereignty and settler subjectivity through immanent land politics’. Thinking Through Deleuze Conference, Brock University, St. Catharines, ON.

2014 - Kouri, S. ‘Conceptualizing the self in CYC’. Child andvYouth Care in Action IV, UVic.

2013 - Kouri, S. ‘Connecting child and youth care education and practice standards across the globe’. CYC World Conference, St. John’s, NL.

2013 - Kouri, S. ‘Experiential education: Engagements with learning’. Teaching Assistant Conference, UVic.