-When our challenges become our unique strengths-

Counselling Services - Victoria, B.C.


I provide short term counselling and longer term psychotherapy in Victoria, B.C. with many specialized services. You will find a private, safe, and confidential space to address your challenges and improve your life. I believe each person is on their own path to healing and growth. I provide a contained space in which your work of self-discover, change, and growth can take place. My role is to support you in achieving the goals you have for yourself.

Personal growth often times means facing our difficulties and learning from them. Sometimes this means overcoming obstacles through practical and goal oriented work, and sometimes this means sitting with our challenges and making sense of them in the broader unfolding of our lives. In most cases, growth, happiness and a sense of freedom come with a more full engagement in our own lives. 

While the early stages of counselling generally focus on reducing negative symptoms and taking incremental steps towards our goals, eventually we can learn how our challenges can be turned into unique strengths. My experience has been that through sustained counselling work, meaning, growth, and learning can come from a deep examination of, and a new relationship to, the things that cause us most difficulty. 


Counselling is more than listening carefully and asking questions that deepen your experience, it is an intentional process where two people have conversations that are unlike any other in life. I work with people of all ages and walks of life, and have specific training to work with youth, young adults, and people just beggining their career, educational, or family paths. LGBTQ and First Nations people can trust they will find a safe place with me. I offer an initial consultation for us to meet and discuss counselling options.

I offer general counselling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for depression and anxiety, addictions counselling, Jungian oriented psychotherapy, and counselling for young people.


Together we can work towards your own goals



I have been living, working, and raising a family in Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia for over 15 years. I acknowledge that these lands are unceded First Nations territory. For me, the connection between a person's inner world, interpersonal relationships, and environment is important. Throughout my life I have found that these connections have helped guide my work.



Counselling can be a short term process with a specific goal or a longer journey of self-exploration. Often, it is unclear at the outset of counselling what it will look like. Together we can find a path that is right for you. I offer an initial consultation in which we can learn more about each other and decide if working together will be beneficial for you.